Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Lives for Old

This is the way most biographies go :-

(1) We are born

(2) We get into debt

(3) We get out of debt (if we try hard enough and/or luck is on our side)

(4) There is a short period left before we die

Are you addicted to Debt? What action are you taking to have a Life after Debt?

Will you enjoy Life after Debt ... before or after attaining Life after Death?

I wish you well in your journey ... and if you would like to share your experiences in ridding yourself of the Curse of Debt I would be most interested

If you are in a Debt Trap or just over-burdened with Debt maybe you and others here would like to work on some stragegies for overcoming the evil curse of Credit and Debt?

With Best Wishes to All

Friar Hilarius

PS Here is a clue ... which of your possessions do you really need?

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